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Are you an “Independent Thinker?”

Ever thought “There has to be a better way?”

If this describes you, whoever you are, consider joining TheCarPeople.ae.

Used Car Showroom in Dubai | TheCarPeople.ae


Can we change the world? Yes!

Start small, think big.

Dubai’s population is growing every single year. Moreover, the type of person coming to Dubai expects more.

More from customer service, more transparency and a more dynamic sales offering.

Dubai’s world class infrastructure has to be met with a first-class retail environment.

Used Car Showroom in Dubai | TheCarPeople.ae

Customer First Everytime

Working with TheCarPeople.ae means that you believe that the customer is paramount.

We make sure everything we do puts the customer first.

We believe that challenging the norm is a good thing, and that if we embrace this principle, TheCarPeople.ae will continue to thrive.

Used Car Showroom in Dubai | TheCarPeople.ae

Dubai’s First Choice

Our mission is to be operating Dubai’s kindest car company and to be a first choice in transport.

Join us on our journey and be there to help solve the bigger challenges.

Let’s see the end of stereotypes, create ‘women friendly’ environments and a better, more honest approach to car sales.


If you share the same, say hello!

Be Responsible

Be fair and learn from your mistakes. Own them, no matter how bad, and become better as a result.

Invest in your peers

Invest in your colleagues, share what you know, develop a deeper connection with clients and customers.

Challenge the norm

Be curious; accept that some risks are worth taking. It is okay to disrupt and develop the status quo.

Be amazing

Set the sky as your limit, there is room for improvement always, we can do more for TheCarPeople.ae customers – we know it, and we must try.

Be yourself

Be the real you at work. Allow your wonderful self to thrive.

Talk about your outside interests and your personal life, you never know how your influences may help us all to learn, and be better.

Is this you?

Used Car Showroom in Dubai | TheCarPeople.ae