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Your Dubai Driving Licence

As a newcomer, getting a driving license is probably your top priority.

Many people tell stories about how costly and frustrating it is to fail the RTA’s rigorous driving tests.

With preparation and insider advice from TheCarPeople.ae, the process will be easy – trust us.

Did you know?

If you have a valid foreign driving license, you may be able to pay to convert it and skip the driving academy.

Click here for more information.

Dubai Driving License Process and Test Guide | TheCarPeople.ae

The Application Process

If your license has expired, you’ve never been a licensed driver before, or your country’s license isn’t honoured in the UAE, you’ll need to apply for a new one.

Before you can register for an RTA-approved driving institute, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Emirates ID card (original and a copy)
  • Passport and visa copies (18 or older)
  • Eye test report (from any optician’s office)
  • No objection (NOC) letter from your sponsor
  • 8 passport-sized photos
Dubai Driving License Process and Test Guide | TheCarPeople.ae

The Training Process

The driving school issues a temporary Dubai driving license, and you must complete at least eight theory classes before practical training in cars.

If you have no driving experience, you will be required to sign up for 40 hours of courses.

Driving schools offer discounted rates if you pay for your classes upfront. Contact us for more details.

Dubai Driving License Process and Test Guide | TheCarPeople.ae

Driving Test Categories

There are 3 driving test categories in Dubai.

Theory test
Multiple-choice questions in the language of your choice

Parking test (also known as the yard test)
Hill parking, garage parking, side parking, parallel parking, and sudden braking

Road test
Take turns driving with a group of applicants and the traffic officer

Our top three tips?

Study independently, take practice tests, and always act professionally.

Download the RTA app to access the most up-to-date mock theory exam.

Note that there are three different tests, and each step is strictly monitored.

I passed, now what?

After you pass all three hurdles, you’re done. Congratulations – you’ve earned a Dubai driver’s license.

Remember, manual and automatic licenses are different in the UAE, so you will need to plan accordingly when you visit TheCarPeople.ae to buy a car.

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Dubai Driving License Process and Test Guide | TheCarPeople.ae